All requests made to any of the Editframe endpoints must be authorised. The primary form of authentication we use is header-based bearer token authentication. In this guide, we'll look at how authentication works.

You will need your API token which can be found in the Editframe dashboard under the "Connectivity" tab.

HTTP endpoints

When manually making a call to one of our HTTP endpoints, you must supply your API token via a header. Here's how to add the token to the request header using cURL:

Example request with bearer token

curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}"

Using an SDK

The client libraries will manage setting the header for you. Simply supply your API token when initialising the client.

import { Editframe } from "@editframe/editframe-js";

const editframe = new Editframe({
  // Replace with your application's Client ID:
  clientId: "dpWDQj9i9oDykdZ2mNbxJg",
  // Replace with your application's API Token:
  token: "IBoZg0AD6DulkdZ2mNbxJg",