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Video infrastructure for the modern web

Deploy your video application in days, not months.

The Editframe video development platform is the missing, video infrastructure for the web; bringing modern, scalable video creation and editing to every developer.

Simple libraries and API

No client-side dependencies, no compute and storage overhead, no fiddling with FFMPEG, and no-code integrations. Video can be hard; let us handle it, and focus on your rad business.

Automation + video

The web is changing and video is a big part of that. Create new businesses powered by video, or automate your post-production and marketing workflows.


Create personalized video experiences with only a few lines of code.
Create UGC video
Support your core user-generated content business logic with video creation at scale.
Video personalization
Shareable, short form content is eating the web. Generate videos tailored to your users, programatically.
API Connection
Client ID


Resize, trim, and filter your existing media content with ease.
Asset management
Upload your large, raw video files to our API once; easily edit this video across workflows.
Common tasks
Repetitive video editing functions can be automated and performed at scale without manual tooling.
video.trim(0, 10).mute().resize('700x700')


Store all of your video content in the cloud and stream globally to your users
Multi-output encoding
We ensure that all of your content is encoded to be accessible for all devices and bandwidth ranges.
Low costs & no tech debt
Forget about storage and CDNs. Video hosting and streaming are offered together.

That's not all, folks

Here's what's the team is working hard on.
Mobile SDKs: Powerful video experiences happen on mobile devices and we're providing tooling to make it extremely easy for every developer to build them.
Intelligence: Trendy video filters, video composition, and smart trimming and editing workflows powered by machine-learning.

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