Changelog #004

Video Preview

We've added a bunch of new features to the preview mode of the Editframe embeddable video editor.

  • Player controls are now only visible when hovering over the video, allowing you to see the full video without any distractions
  • A mini-clock is now displayed in the bottom right corner of the video, showing the current time of the video when no controls are visible
  • Controls are now completely optional, paving the way for custom controls
  • @editframe/embed comes with .play() and .pause() methods, allowing you to control the video programmatically


A quality of life update has been made to the @editframe/editframe-js package. You can now instantiate the Editframe class without providing an API token. This is useful for setting up compositions, but not actually rendering them. You can still provide an API token if you want to render the composition.

HTML TailwindCSS animation support

Our Composition API HTML layers now support TailwindCSS animations out of the box. We've also added a few new animations to the list of supported animations. Simply add the animation class to your HTML layer body and it will animate when the layer is added to the composition.

Supported animations

Tailwind: animate-spin, animate-ping, animate-pulse, animate-bounce

Custom: animate-bounce-alt, animate-pulsate, animate-vibrate


Several new Guides have been added to the website.

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