Changelog #010

Editframe Editor (beta)

We're proud to unveil the Editframe Editor (beta), a visual editor built atop the robust Editframe infrastructure. This editor is designed to empower users to craft videos with greater speed and precision. Not only can you visually create stunning videos, but you can also export them as code or seamlessly integrate them with our templating system in a snap. It's the perfect blend of visual creativity and technical flexibility.

Template Creation and Automation

To complement the visual editor, we've launched a template system via API endpoints. This feature streamlines the video creation process, allowing users to create, manage, and utilize video templates, making repetitive tasks more efficient and standardized.

Features in the beta launch:

  • Trim: Precisely cut and edit your videos.

  • Add Text: Overlay customizable text on your videos.

  • Resize: Adjust your video dimensions effortlessly.

  • Z-Index: Layer your video elements for a dynamic look.

  • Transitions: Add smooth transitions between clips.

  • Audio Overlay: Add background music or voice overs.

  • HTML Support: Integrate and display HTML content within your videos.

  • Asset Management: Upload and access your video, images and audio assets with ease.

  • Robust Timeline: A comprehensive timeline for precise video editing.

  • Export to Code: Seamlessly export your creations using Editframe JS SDK or CURL.

  • Export to Video Format: Save your videos in various popular formats for easy sharing and distribution.

Email us here at to get early access to the editor!

Dashboard Updates

  • Public Templates: Browse and utilize a variety of templates shared by the community.
  • Private Templates: Manage and access your personal templates, ensuring privacy and customization.
  • Developer Mode: Optimize your video creation with advanced tools.
  • Editor Access: Collaborate by granting editing permissions to team members.
  • User Onboarding: A smoother, more informative introduction to our platform.

New Editframe Content

  • Tools: We launched tools pages, with an all new set of tools that are accessible in the beta. These tools are simple GUI based tools to help build out workflows necessary for your video creation needs.
  • Simple Video API: Our APIs pages have changed their location to a new URL to help you find all the HTTP endpoints for quick programmatic video.

Bug fixes

  • [Dashboard]: Optimize the performance of the landing page
  • [Player]: Add caching strategy for media assets
  • [Editor]: Supports active application from dashboard
  • [SDK]: Fix issue of duration for sequence and group layers


  • [Editor]: Editor beta
  • [API]: Add visibility option (public or private) for templates APIs
  • [API]: Add visibility filter option for templates APIs
  • [API]: Add dynamic layer duration for templates APIs
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