Changelog #008

Templates and Assets: Elevating Creativity and Efficiency

Here's a comprehensive rundown of the latest enhancements and updates across Editframe's various functionalities. We're committed to refining your experience and delivering a robust, high-performance platform.

Templates System:

Introducing API-driven Video Templates We're thrilled to introduce our template system, now accessible through API endpoints. This enhancement empowers you to create dynamic video templates, seamlessly rendering videos using specified template input variables.

Explore the details at Template API Documentation.

Assets Management System:

Streamlining Your Workflow Our newly launched asset management system via API endpoints accelerates the encoding process while ensuring reliability. Easily upload your assets onto our platform, redefining your editing experience. Dive into the specifics at Assets API Documentation.

Webhooks: Real-time Insights and Updates

Stay in the loop with our revamped webhooks system. Receive timely notifications for key events: asset.created template.created template.rendered template.updated template.ready asset.uploaded asset.failed

For in-depth information on leveraging webhooks, visit Webhooks Documentation.

Enhanced Editframe Performance: A Seamless Experience

Experience the future with our newly upgraded encoding system. It's not just faster—it's more stable and high-performing than ever before. Expect seamless editing, rendering, and exporting.

Bug Fixes: Polishing the Editframe Experience

We take your feedback seriously and have resolved several issues to refine your Editframe experience:

  • [Dashboard] Enhanced Team Section Functionality
  • [Player] Improved Player Performance, Subtitle Trimming, and Responsiveness
  • [Toolbox] Refined Transcription Endpoint

New Releases: Empowering Your Creativity

  • [API] Template Beta Launch: Access an exciting range of template customization options through our API.
  • [API] Asset Management Beta Launch: Experience faster and more reliable encoding with our asset management system via API.
  • [API] Waveforms Relaunched: Waveforms are back, now publicly accessible. Dive into the details at Waveforms Documentation.
  • [API] Editframe Player Update: Enjoy an even smoother playback experience with our updated player.
  • [SDK] React Package Update: Our React package has received an upgrade. Discover the latest at Editframe React Package.
  • [SDK] Readme File Update: Find clearer guidelines and instructions in our updated Readme file.
  • [Player] Z Index Support: Enhance your visual compositions with added Z index support.
  • [Player] Support for HTML Layers: Take your creations to the next level with enhanced HTML layer support.
  • [Player] Improved Custom Subtitles and Transcription Support: Enjoy updated features for custom subtitles and transcription.

We're dedicated to your success and satisfaction. These updates are designed to elevate your creative journey with Editframe. As always, your feedback is invaluable. Reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or concerns here,

Empower your creativity with Editframe!

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