Changelog #006

New Editframe Concatenation Tool

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our growing set of Video Tools, Editframe Concatenation. Our goal with these tools is to simplify the process of modifying existing videos and performing common high-level video-related tasks. The Editframe Concatenation tool provides a simple HTTP endpoint that can be accessed via any language or framework. Combining two videos has never been easier than with our new Concatenate Tool

New options for our Watermark Tool

We have made an improvement to our existing Watermark Tool. You can now specify an offset for your watermark when adding it to your video. This offset allows you to position your watermark image perfectly by adding an offset of 100 from all directions. The default offset is set to 0. Experience programmatic watermarking using a simple HTTP endpoint and add your watermark to videos effortlessly here. Watermark Tool.

New Editframe Transcription Tool

Introducing Editframe Transcription, the latest addition to our new AI Toolbox. Our goal is to provide a programmable solution for transcribing your audio and video content. By integrating our AI-driven transcription system into your applications or existing workflows, you can simplify your processes and streamline your work.

This tool is part of our ongoing AI experimentation, and we are actively working on developing more AI-driven tools based on what we learn.

Bug fixes

  • [Editframe-js] Updated the file in the editframe-js GitHub repository.
  • [Watermark] Fixed the encoding issue in the watermark tool.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved the encoded_at timestamp issue in the dashboard.


  • @editframe/react v0.2.0
  • @editframe/editframe-js v3.12.4
  • @editframe/embed v0.4.0
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