Changelog #005

Custom FPS

We've added the ability to set a custom FPS for your videos. Our default is 30 FPS, but you can now set it to 60 FPS, 24 FPS, or any other value you'd like.

Video Player

The video player is now it's own concept; removed from the Video Editor and available as a standalone component. This allows you to embed Editframe videos in your website, and control them programmatically. Check out the new documentation for more information.

  • Import the video player component with import { Player } from '@editframe/embed'
  • We've also added a .stop() and .seek() methods to the player
  • Added ability to disable the player controls

Bug fixes

  • [Subtitles] Fixed an issue where the last caption of a subtitle track would not be displayed when using .addSubtitles() with the SDK


  • @editframe/editframe-js v.3.11.0
  • @editframe/embed v0.1.1
  • @editframe/shared-types v3.11.0
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