Changelog #002

Improved Documentation

Our documentation has been a work in progress since we released the first version of editframe-js. We've been working hard to improve the quality of our documentation and make it easier to find what you're looking for.

The new docs are powered by MDX, Next.js and TailwindCSS.

The main areas of improvement are readability, discoverability, and mobile responsiveness. We've also improved our Quickstart page to help you get started more quickly.

Stability Improvements

  1. We now support siloed rendering environments. This means your application can have its own dedicated resources and you aren't required to utilize the shared Editframe rendering resources. If your business needs dedicated resources for rendering, just let us know!
  2. We've improved the stability of our rendering pipeline. We've added more error handling and retries to our rendering pipeline to ensure that your renders are successful.


z-index support for [editframe-js] has landed. You can now specify the z-index of your elements. This is more useful than relying on the order of the method calls.


The Watermark tool now supports the ability to specify the location of the watermark. We currently support bottomRight, bottomLeft, topRight, and topLeft configurations.


The user dashboard now includes usage metrics for Toolbox API in addition to the existing Composition API metric breakdown.

AVIF Support

We've added AVIF file support to our video transcoding pipeline. AVIF is a new image format that is supported by all modern browsers and is an alternative to JPEG and PNG.


A slew of new Guides have been added to the website. These guides cover topics such as:

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