Editframe, a simple use case to create music to image audiograms (Audio Visualization)!

Editframe, a simple use case to create music to image audiograms (Audio Visualization)!

Audio Experiences and Applications

An early version of Editframe started with the simple task of generating an MP4 using audio with an image programmatically. Then we sprinkled in some animations, waveforms, audio visualization, progress bars, etc. This use case allowed developers to create audiograms at scale via an API.

Here is more info on how to generate programable video and audio visualization via Editframe API: Editframe Documentation

Audiograms are super useful for podcasters and musicians. Both types of users share a need for video content and create content consumed by many across audio channels. Creating audiograms expands their reach via consumption in video channels. Let's call these internet users - Audio Creators.

Why do Audio Creators have this common need?

  • Most musicians and podcasters must create video content and convert audio to video regularly. Many audio creators can’t make videos quickly and easily - it is either time-consuming or unnecessarily complex.
  • Audio creators often lack the tools or resources (time and money sometimes) to make a quality audiovisual product.
  • Third-party software tool adoption is low in this category for most audio creators. The software is either too expensive, time-consuming, complex, or too simple for their needs.

The ability to easily and quickly go from audio to engaging video is a 10x solution that needs to be baked into every audio-first experience. Creating audiograms for audio creators needs to be a first-party product feature.

It is essential to provide this functionality if you’re building an audio creator-first organization, product, company, or tool. You need to develop these video experiences.

Today, making videos for developers is hard. It takes an incredible amount of energy and time for developers, but we’ve made a lot of these things pretty simple here at Editframe to generate video programmatically.

Editframe helps your audio products be better and different, especially when adding video features quickly.

More about Audio Creators and Building Products for Audio Creators

I briefly proposed the concept of enabling audiograms for your users (yes, this sounds super simple), but I think this is valuable and necessary. Here are some ideas for you to build a framework around:

Provide tangible value quickly for your creator-first web products and applications -

  • Value: Creators who use your product will get a video quickly and simply, and get exactly what they want and need.
  • Value: A video made on your platform or application with audio and simple animation takes a few clicks and minimal upfront effort (low friction).
  • Friction: Your users using Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or Final Cut, which can take hours, or not making a video at all (too much complexity or cost).
  • Value: Your users can now publish content on more platforms natively.
  • Value: Your application will allow audio creators to create audiovisual content to publish on TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. - while reaching more of their audience.

Helping create retention-

  • Creators generally release on a cadence or a schedule. They create a single or album, a new episode, or a series, and they have a release deadline around each piece of content.
  • Audio creators need video collateral to publish and promote before, during, and after each release.
  • If your audio creator users do not publish engaging videos, they cannot compete or keep up with their peers in a video-driven world.
  • Audio creators can reach more of their audience across video using your application quickly; their jobs, in many ways, depending on this.

Using Programing Knowledge to Create Videos

If you can code, you can make videos. Your users want video, and you should provide it. Your solution will be specific to your product and how your users use your product.

Feel free to mess around with our video creation API and pass through GIFs, images, text, audio, and much more - Editframe API Documentation. Additionally, checkout how easy adding waveforms and audio visualization is using Editframe, Add Waveform or Audio Visualization.

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