Transcribe with A.I

Transform your audio and video recordings into accurate transcripts effortlessly with Editframe. Easily convert your audio or video files into various formats with just a single POST request using our transcription API.

Discover the power of AI-Powered transcription

Editframe's advanced transcription system leverages AI to deliver lightning-fast, accurate transcriptions for your audio and video content.

Seamlessly transcribe your audio and video content programmatically, integrating our AI-driven transcription system into your own applications or existing workflows. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Editframe's HTTP API and unlock your content's full potential.
Low & No-Code
Not a developer? No problem. Empower your existing and new workflows with video by leveraging our user-friendly no-code integrations. With Editframe's wide range of no-code solutions, you can effortlessly harness the power of our AI-driven transcription system without writing a single line of code.

HTTP Endpoint



  "id": "1pMqreNQ4k",
  "event": "transcription.processing",
  "timestamp": 1681203335,

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