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Your application can use webhooks to get notifications from Editframe about events related to your Editframe application and videos

Update your Editframe application's webhook endpoint in the dashboard


Editframe sends a request to your webhook endpoint for the following events, indicated by the event property in the webhook body:

Video events


You can encode videos synchronously if you prefer not to set up a webhook endpoint

Video created

This event indicates that video encoding succeeded

Body properties

download_urlVideo download url
idVideo id
metadataVideo metadata
stream_urlVideo stream url
thumbnail_urlVideo thumbnail url
timestampUnix timestamp of the time the video was transcoded

Example body

"download_url": "",
"event": "video.created",
"id": "kdZ2mNbxJg",
"metadata": {},
"stream_url": "https://api.editframe.test/v2/videos/kdZ2mNbxJg/stream?client_id=GbjsM0enkgOOyKOqd7QnJZ",
"thumbnail_url": "https://api.editframe.test/v2/videos/kdZ2mNbxJg/thumbnail?client_id=GbjsM0enkgOOyKOqd7QnJZ",
"timestamp": 1651784008

Video failed

This event indicates that video encoding failed

Body properties

idVideo ID
metadataVideo metadata
timestampUnix timestamp of the time the webhook request was made

Example body

"event": "video.failed",
"id": "yKOqd7QnJZ",
"metadata": {},
"timestamp": 1651781472

Test event

This event is sent when you update your webhook to ensure it works


"event": "webhook.test",
"timestamp": 1651780129

Test webhooks in the browser

You can test webhooks for your application without building your own webhook endpoint using

  1. Visit
  2. Copy the URL labeled Your unique URL
  3. Paste the URL in the Webhook field in your dashboard
  4. Render a video